3 year old class                                   $177.50/week

2 year old class                                   $187.50/week

Infants to 12 months                      $207.50/week

(updated 8/18)

Weekly Tuition Rates

Payment Methods & Options

Destiny Pre-K                                         $142.50/week

4 year old Class                                  $167.50/week

1 year old class                                   $197.50/week

A Registration fee of $75.00 will be applied at time of Enrollment.

Book Fees will be applied yearly due by September 1st each year.

See handbook for Book fees.

All tuition must be paid in advance.  Tuition is due by 9:00a.m., Monday morning for the coming week. Payment forms are Cash, Check, Debit Card or Credit Card (master card, visa or discover).