Snack and Meal List


 Morning and afternoon snacks are included in your tuition. Lunch is optional at a cost of $5.25 per day with the option for an extra side for additional $2.50 (listed on actual order form in the office).  $3.00 on Fridays

Morning: Granola Bar
Lunch: Mac & Cheese with one side $5.25 (Bob Evans)
Afternoon: Peanut butter Crackers 

Morning: Graham Crackers w/Raisins
Lunch: Grilled or Fried Chicken Strips with one side $5.25 (Bob Evans)
Afternoon: Cheese Sticks, saltines


Morning: Mandarin Oranges, Graham Crackers
Lunch: Grilled Cheese with one side $5.25 (Bob Evans)
Afternoon: Animal Crackers or Vanilla Wafers

Morning: Apples sauce w.Rice Chex
Lunch: Turkey Lurkey or Cheeseburgers with one side $5.25 (Bob Evans)
Afternoon: Pretzels or Veggie Straws

Morning: Peaches & Cheerios
Lunch: Cheese Pizza $3.00 per slice ( L' Appetito)
Afternoon: Cheese Crackers or Pirates Booty or Sensible Portions Cheddar Puffs